6″ Offset Easy Off Flexible Tarp Stop Assembly


The 6″ offset flexible tarp stop assembly includes the flexible plastic stop, steel mounting body, and 2 pin/ring assemblies. If you need only one of these components rather than the complete kit, see details below for the link corresponding to the part you wish to purchase. Also, you may wish to investigate the 6″ offset easy-off aluminum tarp stop as well, #SL1124783. Shur-co also sells a standard upright in aluminum with no offset as well as a flexible standard upright. Use both when no ridgepole is needed because the space required to roll the tarp off the bows is minimal.


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6 inch easy off flexible tarp stop assembly

The 6 inch easy off flexible tarp stop assembly includes plastic upright, steel body, and 2 pin/ring assemblies. You may purchase these items separately as well, plastic upright #SL1115217, steel body #SL1100833, and pin/ring assembly #SL1118389. A typical trailer usually requires approximately 6 to 8 flexible tarp stops. With a ridgepole and heavy-duty bow system, use the 6″ offset. They allow room for the ridgepole to get further off the trailer so it does not interfere with loading. Although the flexible stop flexes from side to side, the belt flex stop may interest you because it flexes front to back rather than side to side.


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