standard easy off Flexible Tarp Stop Assembly


The standard flexible tarp stop assembly includes a plastic upright, steel body and 2 pin/ring assemblies. The flexible tarp stop is used with super duty side to side roll tarps where no ridgepole is needed. The flexible tarp stop allows some play if you are driving through an area where your stops might be caught by branches or other obstacles. Also, if you use an electric tarp motor to roll your tarp, the tarp stops take the impact of the tarp rather than the motor itself torqueing up against the stops. This saves you motor from extra wear and tear every time you load or unload.

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Standard easy off flexible tarp stop assembly

This standard easy off flexible tarp stop assembly comes with 1 plastic upright, 1 steel mounting body, and 2 ring/pin kits. A typical trailer usually needs about five to six tarp stop assemblies. If you are replacing the stops you currently have, you can purchase the upright which is sold separately, #SL1115216. You will need the 3/8″ x 1″ self-threading bolt, #SL1700400 to fasten the steel mounting body to your trailer or box sidewall. Although the flexible tarp stop flexes side to side, it does not flex front to back. If your needs require a stop with front to back flexion, you may wish to investigate the belt flex stop. This is a practical answer if you drive your trailer or truck in low areas such as low overhead doors.

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