Standard Easy off aluminum tarp stop assembly


The easy off tarp stop assembly includes a standard aluminum upright, #SL1705775, steel mounting body, #SL1100833, and 2 pin/ring assemblies, #SL1118389. Like all the other Shurco tarp components, these can all be ordered separately. If you wish to swap your standard uprights to 6″ offsets at the rear of your trailer to roll your tarp further off the edge, you can easily order them and simply swap them with the standard stop.

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Standard easy off aluminum tarp stop assembly

The standard easy off aluminum tarp stop assembly includes an aluminum upright, the steel easy off tarp stop body, and 2 pin/ring assemblies. Most trailers do not need the 6″ offset alum stop, so most stops you will see are the standard. You can purchase the standard flexible tarp stop upright to replace the aluminum upright, #SL1115216; or  the complete standard flexible tarp stop assembly, # SL1114047. They allow easy access to the tarp and the fixed tube by the 2 pin/ring sets that hold them in the steel body. This easy access also makes changing a broken stop a breeze.

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