standard easy off aluminum tarp stop upright


The standard easy off, aluminum tarp stop upright  is used with most super-duty side to side roll tarps with the exception of the heavy-duty bow system which has a ridge pole tube and thus needs a 6″ offset to allow adequate space for the bulk of the tarp to get off the edge of your trailer and bows. The upright replaces only the upright of the assembly, #SL1124780, if you wish to order other items from the standard easy off assembly, see the above link.

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standard easy off aluminum tarp stop upright

The standard easy off aluminum tarp stop upright is a replacement for the easy off aluminum tarp stop assembly, #SL1124780. The aluminum upright is a fairly common tarp stop replacement since most trailers use the assembly. You can easily change the upright by removing the 2 pin/ring assemblies, #SL1118389. In this way, Shurco again delivers on simplistic maintenance.

The aluminum upright snaps under pressure although it is made of forged aluminum. This may seem like a failure but rather than tear the steel mounting body out of the trailer sidewall, the stop takes the force itself and snaps off. In this way, it will typically save your trailer wall and will avoid stretching and ruining the exterior sheet. If you prefer a stop with a bit more flexion than the standard aluminum upright can provide, you may wish to invest in the flexible upright, #SL1115216. The flexible upright takes side to side force without breaking.

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