light, 2½ inch amber LED


This amber 2½ inch light with a colored lens will certainly do a wonderful job of lighting up your truck or trailer. Thirteen LEDs make it exceptionally bright. You will need a grommet, TLGR10700, and a pigtail, TLPT2, to complete this light kit.


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light, 2½ inch amber

This 13 LED light, 2½ inch amber, sports a colored plastic lens, keeping everything dry so you do not have to deal with troublesome lights. You can purchase the 2½ rubber grommet to fit this light, TLGR10700. The amber light requires a 2-prong pigtail, TLPT2, which we stock at our retail location. We normally stock at least 20 lights of this style. We often have several days’ wait until an order from our supplier comes in if we have to order a quantity to fill your order. Otherwise, you will probably receive your order within the next day or two.

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