16-14 gauge blue heat shrink/crimp butt connector


For electrical connections that last in the long run, use heat-shrink perma-seal connectors for 16-14 gauge wires.

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16-14 gauge blue heat shrink/crimp butt connector

Make sure your electrical connections are sound with this 16-14 gauge blue heat shrink/crimp butt connector. The crimp tube in the center of the connector ensures a strong electrical connection. After the tube is crimped, heat the thick protective outer plastic. When heated, this plastic melts and pushes out a sealing wax that coats the wires and closes the end of the connector, making it watertight. For bigger connections, such as 12-10 gauge wire, use the yellow heat shrink/crimp connector, which we also stock, WT32980. For smaller connections, use the 22-18 gauge connector, WT30980.

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