light, 2½ inch red LED


The 2½ inch red LED is packed with 13 LED bulbs, helping you “let your light shine.” You will need the 2½ rubber grommet, TLGR10700, and the 2-prong pigtail, TLPT2, to complete the 2½ inch light kit.

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light, 2½ inch red LED

The light, 2½ inch red LED contains 13 diodes inside its hard plastic shell. It will not only shine brightly but also, thanks to its tough construction, take a beating before wearing out.  These lights work well for corner markers, clearance lights, such as in your trailer sidewall, or lights simply for the looks, like on a lightbox or stainless steel cab trim panels. They are a great addition to any trailer back end or truck lightbox. You can purchase the amber partner to the 2½ inch red LED lamp, UP38176, on our website, too. We stock both colors in 2½ inch clear lens as well.

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