light, 2 inch amber LED


This 9 LED 2 inch amber lamp will light up your truck or trailer wonderfully. You will need the 2 inch rubber grommet, TLGR30700, and the 2-prong pigtail, TLPT2, to complete the light kit for the 2 inch amber light.

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light, 2 inch amber

This light, 2 inch amber is a partner to the red 2 inch light, UP38171. Great for clearance or underglow lighting, nine LEDs make this small light super-bright. You will need a 2 inch rubber grommet, TLGR30700, and a 2-prong pigtail, TLPT2, to complete this 2 inch light kit. We sell the clear lens counterpart to the amber 2 inch light, UP38362, and the red clear lens, UP38363. You can purchase plastic chrome covers for 2 inch lights, too. We also sell stainless steel security flanges which get riveted into the sidewall of your trailer or into your truck lightbox, etc.

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