light, 2 x 6 inch oval, incandescent amber


This functional 2 x 6 amber oval incandescent light may not be an eye-catcher but it certainly will serve its purpose quite well. Its plain-Jane style may not appeal to your tastes but beside an LED with a price tag of nearly 4 times the amount of this light, you may find it benefits your budget a bit better. Remember the 2 x 6 inch rubber grommet, TLGR60700, and the pigtail, TLPT3, to make you oval light kits complete.

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light, 2 x 6 inch oval, incandescent amber

This inexpensive light, 2 x 6 inch oval, incandescent amber is the perfect purchase for a farm trailer or rough-duty trailer. It is a partner to the 2 x 6 oval incandescent red light, TL60202R. Although it is not an LED, its light is satisfactory and will endure much abuse under normal circumstances. However, this light emits a great deal of heat due to the incandescent lighting. You can purchase LED 2 x 6 oval lights in amber and red if you prefer. The LEDs look a good deal “prettier” beside this working-man’s light.

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