light, 2 x 6 inch oval, incandescent red


The incandescent 2 x 6 inch oval red light will satisfy your needs if you are searching for a durable, heavy-duty light with a minimal cost and sufficient light. Do not forget the oval grommet, TLGR60700, and the 3 prong pigtail, TLPT3 to complete your light kit for the TL60202R.

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light, 2 x 6 inch oval, incandescent red

This light, 2 x 6 inch oval, incandescent red light is a legal stop/tail/turn lamp. You can purchase the amber twin to the 2 x 6 red oval light on our website, TL60202Y. Although not necessarily nice to look at, its functionality rates with the best-looking LED on the market. If you need lights for a farm trailer or want to keep your spending on lights and other cosmetics, this light is the perfect answer for you. The red 2 x 6 oval can be wired strictly as clearance, turn signal, or brake lights; also, with the 3 prong pigtail, TLPT3, you can wire the oval light to do all these functions.


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