light, 2 x 6 inch oval, LED amber, optronics


Here is the light you always dreamed of, but never could find. A nice-looking, bright light with a price the working man can afford. You will be impressed with the OPOVLEA; try it today. Remember to get the oval rubber grommet, TLGR60700, and the 3 prong, TLPT3, or 2 prong pigtail, TLPT21, to complete your light kit(s).

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light, 2 x 6 inch oval, LED amber, optronics

This light, 2 x 6 inch oval, LED amber, Optronics light contains 56 working LEDs in its colored amber lens. The super-bright diodes give this light not only a complementary design, but also a very reasonable price, considering that this light is brighter than almost anything else you will ever find. Its red partner, OPOVLE, contains 56 LEDs as well, but only 48 of them are functional. The dummies in the red light make the red and amber look identical when flipped off. You can purchase other oval lights on our website, too. If we do not have what you are looking for online, give us a call at 717-445-6432, and we will do our best to locate the desired product.

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